Happy Farm Day! We have our land!!

June 25, 2015: Happy birthday to our farm, Fields of Green!

We are the proud new owners of 47 acres of beautiful pastureland and trees in Paradise, TX. Yes. Yes, we will live in Paradise.  Go ahead, see for yourself.






We found wild grapes! (and plums, and pecans, and possibly an apple tree)


We found a wild husband!


Cheers to our new farm.




Sweet Emily in the evening light.




Our whole family!



We won’t be living there right away. We need to get: an address, a fence, a driveway, a gate, a well, a septic system, electricity, a concrete foundation, and a barn erected. Then we will move our current home – a fifth wheel – onto the property. However, I’ve already got some seedlings started and intend to try to plant some things over the summer to see what will grow! Plus there are bushels of wild grapes that will ripen soon and clearly I need to try my hand at some grape jelly.

Praise God for dreams resurrected and realized.

6 thoughts on “Happy Farm Day! We have our land!!

  1. I’m so excited for you! Thanks for letting Melanie and me share in this special day — a wonderful beginning to a great adventure for your family. Love you!

  2. It’s cool to see that we’re not the only ones shifting away from city life towards the country. We’re just a little delayed. At least we’re in the right state now–Vermont!

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