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Today I went to the county development office to turn in our application for an address. The people who work there have been SO NICE. This is the only time I can ever remember saying how wonderful it is to work with a government entity.

For now, we aren’t living on our farm. We live in a fifth wheel in an RV park halfway between the land and our church/my workplace. It’s really nice to make this our temporary home. It’s helping us adjust to life in a trailer while still having all the amenities we so thoroughly enjoy (flushing toilets, hot water, a washing machine, wifi).

After we get our address, we can order electricity to be put on the land.

The property is at the intersection of two county roads. The site where the gate and mailbox are is not a good building site (it clearly floods badly in Texas rainstorms), but it’s the best place to quickly get our address assigned. Also I did some research and since we are right on the border of Paradise, putting our address on this particular county road will probably give us a Paradise address 🙂 Eventually we will have to put in a second gate and driveway on the other road nearer the building site.

In addition to that, cows roam our land and the neighboring 84 acre parcel freely. We will need to put up a fence between the lots. Also we plan to put a gate in that fence in order to allow the herd to come onto our land, since we wish to keep the agricultural exemption on our taxes. In a few years I’d love my own herd, but I also know the wisdom of starting small. Like, chicken-sized-animal small.

We will need to have someone install a septic system, and drill a well. And the electric company will need to come put in the transformer and meter near our first building site.

We have already put money down on a steel building that we were intending to erect and finish out as our farm home. Various factors influenced this decision, but we went with the trailer instead of the steel building. Instead of a house, we plan to order a barn, and have an overhanging roof big enough that the trailer can sit under a steel roof.

That’s the plan for now anyway! But things change all the time around here so I’ve learned not to hold super tightly to any of these plans.

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