Now we have an address

Getting our 911 address was remarkably easy. Again, I was super impressed at how helpful the county development office is. Looking forward to working with them again when we do our next driveway and septic system.

For the last week my focus has been on getting out of our old apartment. We loved it there; the staff was terrific. I feel like we did a good job moving gradually; we got our trailer nearly 4 weeks before the end of the lease. At first we took all the absolute essentials to the trailer. Then I started to focus on sorting the rest into what I wanted to store to go in our farm home that we plan to build, and things to donate or put in the trash. Honestly, in the last week I was less prone to purging things because I kind of lost focus in the light of the impending deadline. But we got all the stuff out and got it so thoroughly cleaned that the apartment staff said our unit looked better than most units do AFTER their cleaning crew gets finished. Plus we finished a day early!

In the meantime, I found there are a couple animal shelters near the farm that have Facebook pages. Oh man. I want all the puppies! And maybe a couple kittens! Barn first!

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