A rainy day in July

I’m a pluviophile. I love rainy days. Even though north Texas has had a record-breakingly wet year so far, every rainy day is still a good one to me. Especially if it means a day when the high temperature doesn’t reach 90! 

The rainy morning was somewhat poorly timed, as we were supposed to take delivery of our shipping containers. We have a 20′ that we bought over a year ago, and Andrew remodeled it to be his office. Then we moved out of our house and it didn’t have a place to live; it’s been in a storage yard and it’s full of our belongings. Last week we bought a 40′ container. 

Anyway, Andrew went out to the farm to meet the driver today. But they ran late, and in the meantime, he and the SUV and the flatbed trailer got stuck in the mud. The girls and I were already preparing to go out also, so without too much drama we drove out, got the SUV unstuck, and had a picnic.  

He wisely postponed delivery until tomorrow at least. The girls and I played. Ellie got Emily interested in picking wildflowers. At one point Ellie looked up and exclaimed, as only a four year old can, “MAMA! This is a whole FIELD of wildflowers!”

She had no idea how big our property was, so the three of us girls walked all the way from the western edge to the eastern edge and back. It’s nearly a mile round trip. We even waded through the seasonal creek. They were such troopers. There’s a lot to look at! Like this super weird anthill. These ants are enormous! And more wildflowers, which Ellie and I both love. 

 Unfortunately, I remembered the hard way that you can absolutely get sunburned on a cloudy day.  

Any day on the farm is a good day, and I’m looking forward to being back tomorrow! But this time with more sunscreen. 

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