The first structures on our farm!

We have the first structures in place on our farm! The shipping containers were, with much drama, delivered on Friday. Andrew was out at the farm most of the day while the girls and I hung out with his parents. 

Here’s the first one being loaded up, with the second in the picture. We have had this 20′ container for over a year; Andrew finished out the inside and added an air conditioner. It was his office for several months while we got our business started in 2014. He has been working out of, well, anywhere he can ever since we moved from our house to the apartment last summer. He will be very glad to have his office back! 

There it is in its new home!

And here is the moment we weren’t sure would happen; the driver was later than he thought he would be and we didn’t think we would be able to get both containers off the storage lot and on the land. But the driver did a marvelous job, and here he is pulling in with the 40′ container. 

Today we are going out and moving as much as we can out of the 20′ container into the 40′, and organizing it nicely on shelves and such. Andrew has to find a certain piece of equipment for a project on Tuesday, and he knows it’s buried deeply in the 20′ container. So that’s our main goal. The heat index is supposed to be near 100°. I don’t do heat well. I don’t just dislike being hot; I get nauseous and dizzy. If you read this, I’d love a prayer for our safety!

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