Shifting stuff

It’s pretty incredible how much of our lives we devote to managing stuff. For instance, on Sunday we spent a good six hours at the farm taking our stuff out of one shipping container and transferring it to the other. Six. Hours. Six long hot hours while the girls did really well playing together, catching butterflies, blowing bubbles, and playing in our new farm wagon. 

We were successful in our day’s quest; Andrew needed to find a certain piece of equipment that was buried deeply in the short container. So we set up shelves in the big one, moved almost everything into it, and found the thing Andrew needed in the very back of the 20′ container (which is just where he thought it was; yay Andrew). 

Then he took the girls for a ride in their new wagon! While I got a few minutes to myself to enjoy the picnic area we have created next to the pond. 

And yes, Emily is bawling in that photo. She does NOT like loud noises and being towed around by the lawn mower was not her idea of a good time. I pulled them around for some time after this photo and she liked that a lot better. 

Next step: electricity! Andrew called the electric delivery company for a quote to get a transformer put in and we should have that some time this week. 

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