Power tools are necessary and dumb

We got a quote for doing the fence on the western border of our land, and for the gate that we will need on the southwest corner. The quote is quite reasonable, we just need to clear the fence where the gate is going to go. On Tuesday we headed out early in the day to clear as much of the brush as we could. Andrew stayed up late replacing the fuel line in the chainsaw so it would work. We got to the property before 8 which was a remarkable feat. It was a lovely morning, for August. About 82 degrees, and then it started raining just a few miles north of us, so we had some terrific cloud cover. It was all going well. Here’s the before pictures:
  There’s a fence buried in all that brush.
  Our tools were: the chainsaw, the riding mower, a big new set of limb loppers, and a weed whacker. Ellie was a good help too!

There were lots of grapevines on the fence, so I harvested all the grapes I could.

It started so well, then things started going downhill. The chainsaw just wouldn’t start. Andrew pulled and pulled on that starter and it stubbornly choked every time. I even prayed for it to start. Then it would start, run for two seconds, and die. It was so incredibly frustrating! The brush was full of thorny things that were so numerous they were hard to cut with the loppers, but were too thick for the weed whacker string to handle. And there were so many larger limbs that the lawnmower couldn’t get them, plus the ground was too uneven. The chainsaw was the perfect tool…if it would have been running! Gah!

We worked for four hours straight and made some visible progress, just not as much as we wanted to.

Again, here’s the before:

And here is after:  You can see a bit of fence now!
 We really needed to get nearly to the larger tree to the left of the power pole.

However, Andrew was thinking about it, and he’s realized that we won’t have to clear the whole fence. We need about 6-8 feet of access along the fence on each place the fence crew has to tie in to the existing fence. That means we got nearly all we needed to on the one corner where we worked so hard. This weekend he’s going to try to do the same on the other side. Then when we have the driveway installed, the person driving the bulldozer can take care of everything else that’s there. Yay for heavy machinery! A pox on power tools that work fine one night and not at all the next day when they are very necessary!

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