Brush clearing progress

Yesterday a cold front passed through north Texas, so we took advantage of a chilly morning in the upper 70s/low 80s to go back and work on finding the fence. After a couple weeks of highs in the 100-105 range, a morning that was 78° was pretty nice!  

The cows were super friendly this morning. Andrew had taken a bunch of discarded papers and magazines to the farm to start a compost pile, and they’d helped themselves to it. Andrew dumped another bag of shredded paper on the pile, and a cow came right over and took a big bite! After that I herded them away. Ellie heard me say that I hurt them instead of herd them, so we had a vocabulary lesson.

The herd still came down to visit us while we worked on the fence. 

Here are the before pictures. 

And after. Yes, that is our port-a-potty. Actually, it’s a lug-a-loo, technically. Don’t you feel educated now? 

All we did was find the fence and clear it for about six feet. It was completely buried in grapevines and thorny brush and little trees, about 6-8′ deep. That’s the hole you see in the thicket. We cleared it in about two hours! It was a lot of work, but this time we had a working chainsaw and that made a HUGE difference. Andrew worked the chainsaw and I hauled brush to the brush pile. 

Now it’s ready for fence installation! We hope! 


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