Fence progress

When the girls and I went to the farm on Friday, I didn’t take any pictures of the fence crew starting their work because I felt like a creeper doing so. Instead, here are some pictures of our girls getting messy! They had chosen to take their money and each of them bought a $5 set of sand toys. We went to the place I mentioned in the anniversary blog post where there is lots of sandy soil and we dug up some sand and put it in a tote.

Then we took it to the nice spot under the oak trees where we hung the tire swing, and they played there for a good hour and a half! Which is amazing; they haven’t seemed to really love the farm the way Andrew and I do. But we are finding ways to help them love it.

These next pictures are from when Andrew went to the farm on Saturday. Below is a panoramic photo of the area where our entrance gate will go.

And some closer shots of the posts they set in concrete for the gate and entry fence.

On Friday they estimated they’d be done on Wednesday. I’m so excited!

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