Further fence progress

When we went to the farm on Tuesday this week, there was some new scenery! Fence posts and a couple gates!

The girls had a blast climbing and swinging on both gates.

Andrew had the idea to take the girls to where we want to build their play area and just watch them play. They loved it. Ellie found tiny yellow wildflowers and picked some for everyone. Emily joined in, and at one point dropped some in my lap to “put in da collection.” Yes, our two year old properly used the word “collection.”

The scenery at the farm is really a total bummer, huh?

It’s Thursday now and the fence is DONE! Next step: Driveway. I got the paperwork in to the county development driveway engineer dude* and am awaiting his phone call. Hopefully all that’s required is hiring a guy with a bulldozer to take out the old fence, some brush, and install a culvert.

*may or may not be his actual title

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