A day of hard work

Last Tuesday when we went to the farm it was our goal to get enough brush off the front fence that we could pull out a couple posts and get the car through.

The girls love their portable sandbox!

Here is before. And a handsome dude with a chainsaw.

Naturally, the chain fell off three times, until Andrew was just like FORGET THIS and we finished doing everything with a hatchet and a pair of limb trimmers.

I got a chance to try out the post puller.

Go me!

The girls are hard to keep occupied when we are trying to work. It can get frustrating. But sometimes they are able to play nicely together 🙂

Oh look at that, we finished!

Farming is hard work. And every farmer ever said DUH.

But look! We did it! The SUV and trailer can get out our new gate and onto the road. This was the first time we have used this gate to get onto our property! We had been having to use the neighbor’s driveway and then drive on the pasture.

That’s about how we all felt at the end of the day!

One thought on “A day of hard work

  1. I love your new driveway! How close is it to the neighbors’? Is it on the same street? I’m thinking it is, and it’s very close to their driveway.

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