Work and Play

This Tuesday we went to the farm with the intention of clearing all the brush from the front gate area. But before I get too far into the story of our day, let me show you some Google Earth diagrams that illustrate what I mean.

In the above photo, the purple line is the boundary of our farm. We’re looking at the southwest corner. The south fence continues to the neighbor’s driveway to the west. The blue area represents part of the new fence that was put in. And I just realized I did it wrong but I don’t want to go redo it all so I’ll explain. The old fence on the south (the purple line) extended the whole way. We need to take down the fence on the bottom of the blue box. We cleared enough brush that one time for the fence crew to tie the new blue fence to the purple fence on the left and right sides. We were going to hire a guy with a bulldozer to come tear up the rest of the brush that’s totally overgrown the fence, but Andrew called two guys and neither of them came through. So we decided to save us who knows how much money and finish the work of tearing out the brush and clearing the fence out ourselves. When we are done, just the left, right, and top portions of the blue box will be left. The gate into the property is at the top of the box. The white line is how the driveway will go, but we aren’t sure exactly where it will end up.

And just for kicks and giggles, here’s the whole property. We used to access our property off the neighbor’s driveway, but once our fence guys erected the fence on the left/west side, we had to get the front (south) gate area cleared! The big yellow line is the natural gas pipeline that runs under the property.

Here’s the mess we have to clear, looking at it from the road.

Here are Andrew’s parents; they came out to help and we got SO much done with their help!

Unfortunately, it’s STILL SUMMER (I am totally bitter about that) and it only took us two hours to get totally overheated and exhausted.

We got a lot done though!

I got Emily to take a nap after lunch! We all just chilled out after we ate. We all found little bits of shade here and there and rested.

I admired the scenery. I love this place!!!

After Emily’s nap was done, we joined Ellie and my mother-in-law (their Grammie) on a walk. My purple-loving girl found some purple wildflowers.

Later on, the girls and I ended up at the pond where I watched them throw mud clods into the water. Kids + dirt + water is some crazy love affair.

Don’t tell anyone, but this was staged (in that I said “Ellie, close your eyes ok?”). I found an awesome deal on a collapsible stand and hammock and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I just can’t wait until this is the view out my kitchen window every night!

Grammie’s dog, Oliver, is a huge hit with our girls. He’s so patient with them too!

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