Monthly Archives: November 2015

Now we have running water

The massive job of digging holes and gluing pipe is done; we have running water. I was asked if I felt like a pioneer recently. I said yes, like Ma and Pa Ingalls, only with the benefit of power tools rented from Home Depot.

Andrew rented a trencher from Home Depot and while it was kind of a pain to run, it was a whole dang lot better than digging the whole thing by hand.

My beautiful farm daughter who announced to me “Mama, I ate some dirt!” Well, good job there kiddo.

My mother-in-love glued every joint of PVC pipe together and was definitely the best person to do that job. She is so meticulous. I don’t think those pipes will ever leak.

The girls loved getting to play in all the dirt we dug up.

Here’s Andrew running the trencher. And lest you think he had all the fun, he most certainly did not. I did some of the trenching myself!

A 90* joint in the ground.

This is where it joins our co-op water. We were very lucky to be on the right side of the street; they said that a mile down the road, the water hookup is on the south side of the street (we are on the north), and it would have been much more costly to get the water run under the road.

The moment of truth: the water is on and runs!

There was also the super fun job of getting all that clay-mud OFF the trencher before it went back to Home Depot. The girls and I tackled it and we did a great job together, I think.


Andrew made a video of our trenching days; have a look!