Piers day!

January 28, 2016 was a great day – 65*, sunny, and best of all, the day we broke ground on the shipping container building! This is the first building being built on the farm. We were so excited to see it really happening!

We hired RamJack Systems to drill our piers and had a great experience. They sent a crew of five men and a Bobcat with a hydraulic drill attached to drill our 8 piers.

This is at the start of the drilling process.

This is the completed job. In addition to drilling the piers, they busted out their super cool level to cut the piers to level and installed caps. In the foreground you see the two piers with square caps are under a foot off the ground. 40 feet to the south and they are over 2.5 feet tall. I didn’t realize the foundation was on that much of a slope. We are grateful they did the leveling for us!

The next step is to have someone come out and weld the container anchors on the pier caps. Then, on the same day the steel barn is delivered, Andrew is going to move the containers from their current resting spots to their home on the piers. Why on the same day? Because we have to rent the biggest forklift you can rent without needing crane certification in order to move the steel building pieces off the truck. So Andrew figured he’d kill two birds with one stone and move the containers at the same time.

We also will dig out about 2′ around the piers and pour concrete to resist lateral wind shear. Each pier would require 60,000 lbs of upward pressure to move and we have 8 of them supporting the building. This is going to be a great storm shelter.

Another project we worked on was cutting and burning these nasty little locust trees we have growing all over the fields. These thorns are something else. So glad I was wearing my boots!

[Gratuitous photo of adorable two year old making a HUGE mess with a chocolate chip granola bar]

Said two year old also found sticks on the ground and asked “Mama, do you need dese for your garden?” So she helped put more sticks on the hugelkultur beds for us <3

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