A chill(y) day at the farm

This week, farm day was a pretty chill day. Primarily because it was pretty chilly. Aren’t I hilarious?

My first task of the day is usually building a fire. Ellie was very cold and wanted to stay in the truck, so Emily was my adorable helper.

At 10 am I realized I had 1) a roaring fire 2) roasting sticks and 3) half a bag of marshmallows. Sooooo…there was no good reason to NOT toast a marshmallow!

One of the next things I want to do is make a flower garden for the girls down by their clubhouse. I saw a great place for it – it’s in the left side of this photo, right in the center.

Above it’s on the right hand side. I wanted a border, but I didn’t want to work hard for a border or have to pay a lot of money. Well guess what – we have PLENTY of fallen limbs around the property to border a little flower garden! I dragged several into place- below are the after pics (taken much later in the evening)

I’m really looking forward to planting this flower bed! It’s going to be total chaos and I love the idea.

Andrew and I and the girls and my mother in law and little Oliver then took a walk together. Some of us did more walking than others!

We took a break for tire swing fun 🙂

I didn’t get good pictures of this, but Andrew and his dad finished all the underground conduit work for water and electricity. We now have running water all the way to the barn site! Next week we’re having a whole lotta dirt delivered and I get to start planting in my hugelkultur beds!

2 thoughts on “A chill(y) day at the farm

  1. Uh Oh!! Guess we better get Melanie’s rocks shipped off! You’re going to need them to mark your garden. We will do that on Monday.

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