Seed starting 

Many times when gardening in my little raised bed, I would simply buy a few seedlings at the nursery and pop them in my dirt. But I’m thinking that’s not going to be incredibly cost effective for a big garden, since one tomato seedling is about $1.50 and an entire packet of heirloom seeds is $1.50. Starting seeds takes some planning, but I’m having a blast getting my garden started a couple months before the last frost date!

The first thing I did was repurpose two salad greens boxes into little greenhouses. I dampened paper towels and carefully laid the seeds on the paper towels – and labeled them very well, because four of the seeds I started were nearly identical! In two days the kale and cabbage were already sprouting!

For Christmas, my mom got me these tweezers that are ostensibly for plucking eyebrow hairs. And since I am unkempt morally opposed to yanking hairs out of my eyebrows, I repurposed them. They’re perfect for pulling teeny tiny sprouts off a damp paper towel and placing them in seedling trays.

Trying to find a place to start seeds in a fifth wheel was a bit of a challenge for sure. We tucked a small wire shelf between the table and the couch. It’s making mealtime a bit of a squeeze but I’m super happy to have a little space for growing!

I set some lettuce, cabbage, kale and broccoli in their trays first since they sprouted earliest. Then I had some help a couple days later getting chard, cauliflower, spinach, and extra lettuce into soil.

I love these adorable helping hands! Ellie dived right in to helping carefully pluck seeds from the greenhouse and setting them carefully into the soil.

One thing I’ve learned so far: It’s easy to get carried away when starting seeds! I started wayyyyy too many seeds in the plastic boxes and now I gotta find something to do with the extra sprouts. I might try growing the sprouts in jars and put them on sandwiches – I can’t bear throwing them away after they were so successful in sprouting!

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