Ready for our first building!

Yesterday we completed preparations for our container building! Next Friday the pieces for our steel building barn are scheduled to be delivered, and the forklift we need to get the pieces off the truck is the same tool that can be used to move the containers onto their foundation. In order to kill two birds with one stone, we’re doing both on the same day! So we had to make sure the foundation was totally ready for the containers.

First, though, I just gotta tell you I was super excited. I went to bury this week’s food scraps and plant seeds on top. This time I dug up a small part of the garden bed near the girls’ playhouse. Guess what I found? EARTHWORMS! This is terrific! Earthworms in the soil are an indication of soil health, and this means our soil is not as bad as I feared!  Can’t wait to see those flower seeds sprout and grow.

Most of the day was spent installing concrete around the helical piers. We used these round forms, buried about a foot deep, and poured concrete all the way to the top of the pier.

We mixed all the bags by hand (and by “we” I mean “Andrew”). Ellie wanted to help, so she got to help measure the water added to each load! Poor kid; just after I handed my MIL the phone to get a picture of family concrete mixing I accidentally sprayed her in the head. She was a good sport about it but I still felt terrible!!

This is what it looked like when we were done! Because of the shape of the pier I got to get a 32 oz plastic cup and painstakingly pour cup after cup after cup in carefully between the form and the cap on the pier. My shoulder is super sore today after hundreds of repetitions with a 5 lb weight! Andrew is super sore too; he hauled all that concrete and mixed 14 80-lb bags himself. Farm work is hard but so rewarding!

This was our reward! Pancakes cooked over a campfire! My MIL brought them for dinner and man, if I could eat fresh pancakes every time we are at the farm I would be super happy!

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