Garden progress and signs of spring

I realized recently that I started my cold weather veggies indoors too late. So I put them out in the garden, wished them well, and moved along to starting tomatoes and peppers indoors. I also think I wasn’t giving the indoor plants enough time under the grow light, so they were very leggy and weak. If I get anything useful out of the cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, and kale that I set in the garden, great! If not, oh well, I have a ton of seeds I can start in the fall.

I gave the girls permission to dig in the pile of nice dirt for the garden and they had an absolute ball.

We’re seeing things flower all around the farm now!

I am quite certain these flowering trees are some sort of plum. We may have two varieties; the above plum is a standalone tree, but we have some thickets of plums too.

We heard a big frog harrumping in this thicket so I have no desire to mow it down 🙂

Now I’ve started seven varieties of tomato, basil, four varieties of peppers (bell, poblano, and a spicy blend), and red onions.

Starting the seeds on paper towels isn’t strictly necessary, but I love getting to see the changes in the seeds that usually happen under the earth. The above basil seeds were hard as could be, but before they sprouted roots, they coated themselves in this jelly-like substance! That’s pretty cool #plantnerd

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