A chilly, wet day

Last Thursday, before we got to the farm, a thunderstorm blew through and thoroughly soaked our land.


This battered portion in the middle of the container building instantly turned into a sticky mess.

So we spent some time inside! Emily told me “I’m taking good care of Great-Great.”

Ellie took care of baking Oliver in the toy kitchen.

In the afternoon the sun came out, and though it was still muddy all over, Ellie and I went on an adventure into the creek. She picked me a tiny bouquet.

I made a little rock tower.

I think she was having fun! I know I was!

And we completed our adventure with a ride on the tire swing.

Even though it was far too cold for ice cream, we went and got shakes at Sonic anyway! Andrew is covered in paint because he finished painting the inside of our container, and we are starting to move our stuff into our container (and take the opportunity to purge things too).

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