Having people over is AWESOME

On Sunday Andrew and I and his parents were making plans to go work at the farm, so I texted a few friends and family members to let them know we were hanging out at the farm on Sunday, and if they wanted to come they were welcome. In a stroke of pure awesomeness, nearly everyone who was invited came! It was absolutely wonderful. Andrew and I both adore having people visit the farm and enjoy the space with us. We had a wonderful group of people who gave us a hand with projects, played with the kids, contributed some delicious elements to dinner, and just overall had a good country kind of day.

When we arrived at the farm on Sunday morning, I noticed that our gate was closed differently. I couldn’t think of a reason anyone would have come onto the property in our absence, but Andrew spotted the reason right away. The power provider installed a transformer! One step closer to electricity!

The girls and the dogs were all sitting together in the shade of the container building so I thought I’d try to get a picture with them looking at me. HAHAHAHA. That didn’t go nearly as well in reality. I think Oliver (little white doggy) wins the Expression Contest though.

The wildflowers are in their glory; they cover part of our southwest field where the girls like to play. The girls are always picking them and giving them to family members.

I worked in my garden for several hours, planting watermelon, cantaloupe, pie pumpkins, and icicle radish seeds. I also transplanted most of the tomato seedlings I started here in the trailer.

Now here is a picture that makes my heart happy. The top two requirements I had for the farm before we moved there were a storm shelter and the ability to do laundry. Well, now we have both. Granted, we had to run the washing machine with a generator, and the clothesline setup was a little sketchy. BUT. Those two requirements are now met. And I don’t think I could ever get tired of hanging laundry with a view like that.

The above picture is a photo of Ellie’s first bouquet from a boy. Oh my heavens, how am I going to handle her adolescence if I got so mushy over flowers from a friend?!

Also in the category of firsts: first boat on the pond. I laughed so hard when one of our wee visitors got creative with the pile of cardboard to burn and set a box sailing.

No open-fire dinner is complete without a sticky marshmallow sandwich, naturally.

And here is another picture that makes my heart happy. Just look at all those people! Every one of them is near and dear to us, and they all thought highly enough of us to come out and play. Andrew and I and the girls had such a delightful time hosting everyone, and we hope there are many more gatherings like this in our future.

This is how we all felt at the end of the day. Ellie, who is five and doesn’t sit still long enough to fall asleep on anyone, ended up like this after her bath. She put her towel on, curled up in my lap, and within 5 minutes got very still. I sat there as long as I could and soaked up the sweetness.

I love our farm.

4 thoughts on “Having people over is AWESOME

  1. Just now I was able to see everything! We enjoyed all the pictures. So happy things are working on schedule. I’ve just read the first five books of Love Comes Softly and decided they had nothing on your family’s pioneer living! Kind of kidding since your completed project will be so modern! Sending love and hugs and kisses for our girls.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I love being able to watch your progress on the farm. So nice to see your friends coming out to enjoy with you. One of these days it will be my turn. I’m thankful that Andrew’s family is so close. Give the girls a hug from granny. Love to you all.

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