First night on the farm!

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A couple of weeks ago, there was a fairly high threat for severe weather for our area of Texas. Severe weather makes me pretty nervous, especially living in a trailer. How convenient, then, that we have a storm shelter! So on the night it was supposed to be crazy stormy, we spent our first night at the farm, inside the shipping container building.


Our sweet decorator got right to work, making art to help us feel at home.


Even though it was raining, Ellie’s adventuresome soul didn’t quit! She wanted to see what was going on.

It ended up that the only severe weather we got was some marble-sized hail. It didn’t seem to do much damage and I am very thankful that we didn’t need to test how tornado-proof the shelter is!

We did learn one important thing. Night time in a steel building gets REALLY COLD. And we did NOT prepare for getting that chilly! Plus we were all in hammocks, which are not super warm either. It was not a restful night. But it was still a great experience, our first night on our land!


The day dawned bright and cheery. Even though I am a night owl through and through, it was so nice to hear and see the farm waking up. I got to wash some clothes and hang them to dry. Not such a bad place to do chores, I think.

The girls loved playing in one of the hammocks and would pretend to fall asleep every time we came near. And then, we are pretty sure they DID fall asleep together and nap for a while. Too cute.


After her nap, Ellie found a toad who wasn’t too happy about being restrained by little hands.


Before we left the next day, I made sure to gather some of these spectacular blooms to brighten our trailer. Such a wonderful variety, and we didn’t do anything to care for these flowers!

Ellie said something adorable and it made me feel like the wealthiest woman alive. She was talking about all the wildflowers on our property, and said, “Even if we spent a whole DAY sniffing flowers, we couldn’t sniff all of them!” Isn’t that a wonderful perspective? All these flowers growing on our land, free for us to enjoy.

3 thoughts on “First night on the farm!

  1. Oh, those flowers! What a blessing! I loved Ellie’s remark. I have a question – You said you washed clothes and I saw them handing on a line. How, pray tell did you wash them?

    1. We got the washer hooked up! We have electricity for it, and water, and we water some grass with the gray water from rinsing.

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