Delicious things

Here are some wonderful things we’ve been growing and eating!

I grew onions at the trailer park. Ellie helped me pull a couple for pizza – but she clearly didn’t want any on her pizza!

We have a large patch of wild blackberries – the harvest is just beginning. I love the unripe red ones. They look like tiny jewels.

Ellie was a great help picking!

Emily was sharing the blackberries with her great GramE. I asked them to pose for this shot with berries in their hands and say “cheese!” GramE deadpanned “This isn’t cheese. It’s a blackberry.” She’s still got it, y’all.

Gratuitous shot of my kids being adorable 😀

The wild plums are bearing fruit! They taste just like a plum that you’d get in the grocery store, but they’re the size of cherries. I also harvested a couple tiny onions from my onion patch by the pond. When we let the cows back onto our land they trampled the patch and ate most of the tops, but the onions themselves are fine.

My mother in law and I found this – she thinks it’s milkweed and I think she might be right. I need to transplant it or capture the seeds to add to my small-but-growing butterfly garden!

2 thoughts on “Delicious things

  1. Still smiling at the picture of Ellie and onions! She has such an expressive face. Enjoyed the tour again. Andrews Grandmother is sharp and funny. ? Is the pool and playground at the farm or where you live? We’ve been watching the heavy rains, tornados, etc again. Ya’ll are always in our prayers. Love and hugs to all.

    By the way congratulations Auntie and Uncle!

    1. The pool and playground are at the farm! The girls love having their own area to play when we go out there. We appreciate your prayers! ❤

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