Updates to our plans

Surely someone in this wide world of ours has some pithy quote about making plans only to have them change constantly. The past couple months have been a period of intense work for Andrew and lots of waiting for me. He’s had a ton of work for our IT company, and hasn’t had much time or brainpower to direct to the farm projects. Now, however, we are emerging from that phase ready to tackle the next projects on the farm.

We have four things we need to accomplish in order to move our fifth wheel out.
-Grade dirt, for the driveway, for water retention, and for the barn
-Lay gravel for the driveway from the gate to the containers, and for a parking lot north of the container building
-The foundation for the barn, which encompasses getting more helical piers installed, laying plumbing, and hiring a company to do the forms, rebar, and pouring the concrete
-Build a septic system

We’ve learned a LOT! Today, for instance, we learned that we thought we could build the septic system and then tie the barn plumbing into it. But it should be done the other way around; the plumbing for the barn and RV should be at least roughly in place before the septic goes in so that the flow goes properly.

We decided to hire a septic company to do the septic system. We thought we could do it ourselves, but we just don’t know all we need to know about dirt and effluent and plumbing. Plus, Andrew’s time is far more valuable to us when he’s applying it to his business.

This week we intended to get the dirt work started. Instead we got 2+ inches of rain. Next week looks much drier, though, and we are excited about tearing up some dirt in order to get the gravel put in place!

2 thoughts on “Updates to our plans

  1. Even though things are moving fast, they are happening! We’re so proud of you two! And, you’re right about Andrew’s time being more valuable! Grandpa always said that! We were the only people I knew who had repair people fix things. Husband’s in the neighborhood always fixed their own problems. Sometimes costing more than us! ☺️

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