Grading and gravel, part 1

Last week we spent nearly every day at the farm doing construction work. It was exhausting and exhilarating! We started the dirt work for the driveway, parking lot, breezeway, and barn pad. Lots of dirt needed to be dug up and moved.

Andrew rented an excavator first thing Monday morning.

The first thing he did was start to move the pieces of the barn – they were jumbled up and messy, so he was sorting them into the order they’ll need to be in in order to erect it. And he found a friend!

I’m in a super awesome group on Facebook about snake ID in north Texas which has taught me a lot about snakes. Based on his description of the snake and seeing the 4-5′ long skin, I guessed it was a coachwhip. And I was right – one of the herpetologists in the group confirmed that we have a western coachwhip. I’m so happy – these are terrific rodent control and they even eat venomous snakes.

Andrew dug and dug and dug. This is one of the many trenches he put in for water and conduit.

I helped glue pipe together, which is a very smelly job. Neither of us likes the smell of the primer or the cement; it tends to give us headaches.

Most of the work was done to the north of the container building.

We put one big trench in down by the driveway, though, for the gate controller and future keypad. Ellie was very happy to help and we were happy to have her help!

3 thoughts on “Grading and gravel, part 1

  1. Andrew, you are one hard working man! Wow! I love the way you two take on tasks without hesitation. OK, seeing a snake, even a good one, in the same series of pictures with Ellie freaked me out!!!! She and Emily will no doubt grow up fearless unlike their female family members in California. Looking forward to the next phase of construction! Sending love from us.

    1. For when we have people over, and also a place to park the assortment of small vehicles and trailers we intend to have for the farm in the future.

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