Picture post

I’ve been working on this draft for a week and I can’t make it have a cohesive theme. So here’s some pictures of things growing and happening on the farm.

My favorite garden rock is apparently very motivational. This wasn’t staged at all – the zucchini really grew like that!

I planted some of these morning glories on one of the fences and didn’t expect much. But WOW.

Our driveway is graveled and we are loving it!

The cucumber plants are producing nicely!

We got a ton of dirt work done!

2 thoughts on “Picture post

    1. Thanks, Grandma! We are making a couple of RV parking spots for people who’d like to come visit, and Ellie’s standing on one of them. Andrew has some videos queued up to be published over the next couple weeks to show people what all the dirt moving work is for, and I’ll put links on my farm Facebook page as the videos are ready!

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