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Things that are nice to look at

There are so many beautiful, wonderful things to look at on the farm!

Like the first tomato from plants I started myself from seed!

This hilarious garden rock that my goofball baby sister painted (and I LOVE it).

Volunteer acorn squash!

Tiny carrots (which were delicious and didn’t even make it into the house)

The corn patch, which got some fertilizer, pea seeds, and a mulch of grass clippings.

Hugelkultur bed #1, with most of the pea plants pulled, and many Lemon Queen sunflowers already!

Hugelkultur bed #2, also with Lemon Queen sunflowers and pink and red beans.

Hugelkultur bed #3, which is the prettiest of all, thanks to the profusion of wildflowers that grows all around it.

My adorable husband doing his geek thing on top of his container office.

I mean, really. What a magnificent place.


Information Styles

Andrew and I take in new information very differently. He learned all he needed to know about managing our RV by watching YouTube videos. I prefer the written word. So it makes sense that I write long blog posts and he records videos. Andrew has started a YouTube channel called Another Day in Paradise. He’s having a blast recording our farm projects and the tech projects he does. If you like videos better than blogs, go check him out!

Another Day in Paradise on YouTube