Commercial Composting

Thanks to our society’s ever-increasing interest in sustainable agriculture, composting is something many people support and even try on their own. That’s where we got our start: with a composter in our suburban backyard. Now we accept all manner of compostable materials, from leaves to tree limbs to cardboard to food scraps, and turn waste into eggs, lambs, and fruit thanks to careful management of the nutrients coming in to the farm.

What we accept:
-Plant-based food waste: fruit and vegetable scraps, bread, crackers, beans, coffee grounds, pasta, popcorn. A small amount of butter, oil, or cheese is ok.
-Animal-based food waste (must be separate from plant-based): meat scraps, dairy, pizza
-Yard debris: leaves, sticks, grass trimmings, old/dead plants, wood chips
-Bales of straw and hay
-Plant-based decor items: pumpkins, straw bales, Christmas trees
-Cardboard and paper